Gurran of the Third Blade

Third of the Seven Blades of Hadagia


Gurran, like his brother blades, is not what most expect. He is not 12 feet tall with eyes that glow from the flame of righteousness, in fact other than his banner, he is hardly recognizable.

He is just under 6 feet in height, and getting just a little bit rounder than he once was and deeply grey though unlined. He wears leather armor that once may have been studded, but has worn down and gotten a little tighter over the years. Since he was labeled as one of the infamous Blades, he has had little need for new armor.

His blade is called “Eastern Wind”. It is lightly enchanted and glows in the presence of enemies. Some say that there is some other communication going on as Gurran seems to know about the presence of enemies even when the sword is couched. The blade is a simple longsword, slightly longer than most that Gurran uses with one or two hands. His speed with the blade seems to imply that it is lighter than most other blades, and that works well for Gurran’s fighting style of “Chagga-no”


Gurran is an original member of the Seven Blades, a legendary group formed in 122 CY. He became a blademaster on 121 CY after killing Blademaster Tosian Fendahl while on a mission for his kingdom.

Though the Blades have long since parted ways, he has often worked with other Blades on missions for his kingdom, and his guild. Legend says the Blades will come together one last time when all innocent people are in need, but don’t mention that around Gurran unless you want to see him roll on the floor laughing. He has become very cynical in his old age and knows exactly where to put legends.

Gurran of the Third Blade

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